Saturday, November 30, 2013


Nothing like a Viceroy n’ Bud to start a day for Montreal’s Mad-Hatter Mac DeMarco
With his love for Viceroy branded ciggies, quite obviously fueling inspiration for the song “Ode to Viceroy”, Mac sings about his relationship with Miss Viceroy.
                                                                                   image -
The song is accompanied by an old school video tape esc footage staring his best mate(Viceroy) along with some sick 90’s vibe effects, only adding more feel to an already moist song, dedicating his long unforgotten love to his, one and only…viceroy.
Indie Rocker Mac DeMarco’s music brings a warm vintage romantic twang which he describes as “Jizz Jazz”, so if you’re in the mood for a bit of a head bopping sing-along or even giving your ear holes a quick “Jizz” check out Mac’s latest album titled Mac DeMarco 2 , Easy Listening from a to b.

Planning the perfect baby shower

Baby shower for a first time mum is a must!
Planning a baby shower may seem a little overwhelming especially if you are doing it on your own, but it doesn't have to.
Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Here is a little checklist that helped me create a wonderful day.

Decide who will be invited - Will it be just immediate family, or will it be couples, everyone or just women.

Pick a venue - Once you have decided who will be invited it will give you a rough idea on how many people will be coming, then you can pick a venue accordingly.
Restaurant, park, hired out hall or even at home.

Decide on a theme - whether it may be a spots theme, stripes theme or even a Cherry theme, pick one!

Pick a date - I had my baby shower when i was 34 weeks pregnant, but there is no right or wrong on when you decide to have it. Just don't make yourself uncomfortable!
Also picking a date is going to depend on your closest friends and families availabilities.

Invites - My rule was to send my invites out at least 3 - 4 weeks prior to the date so everyone had enough time to rsvp.

 Food - Make sure on your invites you leave a space for anyone to write if they have any type of allergic reactions to any type of food e.g gluten free.
Plan your menu i did my baby shower on a sunday after noon so it was like a late lunch, very simple just nibbles, fruits & lollies, also it makes it easy if you match the food to the theme.

Favours - before you go shopping decided on what your favours are going to be, this is one of the hardest parts. I did little jars labelled with guests names, filled with chocolate, homemade tea bags, a hand poured candle & and a handmade origami crane.

Shopping -  The fun part, although do go to the shops with a plan of what you are going to buy and stick to it!
I made all my baby shower decorations from the pom poms, to the lollies in mason jars tied in hessian and raffia. It made it more fun to organise. 

 Prepare games - don't stress these games can be whatever you want.
e.g - my water broke who can get the gummie bear out of the ice cube the quickest and yells "my water broke" wins.

Another good one is to get people to try different baby food and guess what thy are.
Don't forget about little prizes too - soaps or bath bombs.

organise how you want your cake to look

own image
Make a baby shower play list - very important

On the day make sure you take a camera with you!
TIP: if people ask you what you are in need of do not be afraid to ask for whatever it might be!

But most of all enjoy YOURSELF, before bub comes along. 

Andrea June 

Bikini body ready

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It's not all about losing weight , exercise and healthy eating helps assist you in improving your fitness levels, strengthening your heart, and helps you increase your happiness too. 
Exercise is all about YOU & having fun!

Summer is about to hit.

Here are a few of my favourite exercises to help get into that bikini that has been hidden at the back of the drawer.

Front plank - Core

Keep your spine neutral
keep shoulders down and head up
contract you gluteals and legs 
make sure your toes are pointing directly into the ground 
Target areas - obliques, serratus and abdominal muscles

Front Squat with weights - legs and hips

Slow and controlled movement 
no heel lift or foot movement.
target areas - works through your glutes, deltoids to your spine

Santana Pushup - Core

tips: Make sure your neck remains long.
Make sure you shoulders, hips and feet remain in the same plane from the floor.
Target areas -  Santana pushup works alot of areas from you trapezius to your deltoids through your sarratus and down to your vastus in your legs

images from google images and pinterest 

Getting Back On Track

Getting back on track

After having a baby, you want to get back into shape- well I know I do.

When I was pregnant I was a little bit naughty with what I ate.

Here are a few tips that are effectively helping me get back on track.

Not denying myself a little treat -  It's okay to have a treat, all you have to do is choose a healthier way to have a treat. Out with the chocolate ice cram, in with a sweet low fat yoghurt!

Controlling portions – If you are out and about and theres a delicious burger on the menu and it's served with chips – that's okay. Ask that the bun on the burger be wholemeal instead on white, you are already lessening your meals calories by a little over 100.
As for the chips you can either ask you be served a salad instead, or be aware of how many chips you are actually putting in your mouth!

Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, also to flush toxins out of your vital organs. If you are hydrated you a less likely to be exhausted and run out of energy.

Always, Always eat breakfast most important meal of the day.
Breakfast gives you a good kickstart to begin your day and gives you energy. Not having breakfast slows down your body's metabolism. When you have your next meal your body will store the calories making it harder for them to be burnt off.

Kickstart the day

Fruit salad

Carambola (star fruit) 
Red Grapes

Breakfast to start the day paired with a nice cup of green Tea.

Friday, November 29, 2013



Watercolours are sexy. Not to mention the paintings produced using this sporadic, free-flowing medium. Sweeping a brush across thick, porous paper is sexy, watching a single droplet of water fall on a vibrant patch of colour and create gradiance is sexy, and most of all...putting a sodden brush in a jar of clear water and seeing the vibrant pigment float like ethereal smoke through the liquid is, you guessed There's nothing quite like working with them. They make an ordinary image painted with say, acrylics, look dried and flat. Imperfections are all too noticeable with traditional mediums, and all too fixable. With watercolours, imperfections can be swept into new lines, new strokes of creativity. The first instinct is the right one. The addition of water is the key. Water is wild, water has free reign, using water in the equation of a medium is like using an extension of your aura to paint. However, the magic truly happens when water meets pigment. Together on a stretch of paper, pigment becomes wildfire. Notoriously difficult to control because of their inherently wild nature, watercolours can seem unapproachable, but it is in this nature that the magic exists. Watercolours are transparent depending on application, and this transparency is luminous, giving pigment in their purer form time to shine. Watercolours make the depiction of skin dewey, almost touchable. They make hair appear a free-flowing waterfall of highlights and lowlights, and the benefits don't end in the depiction of human subjects. A skyline at dusk can become a picture perfect imitation of the true to life deep blues and liquid quality of a changing sky, luminous like light through a pane of stained glass. To live with watercolour is to remember the sporadic, changeable nature of life. Nothing can be contained, nothing can be held back, reminiscent of floodtides or summer downpours. Using water to depict a scene or subject harks back to the natural flow of things. Spontaneity 
rules this medium. And there's nothing sexier.

Caldonia - Aquadisiac

What a year!

Feeling very refreshed and greatly inspired.
The past year has consisted of travelling  to some truly beautiful countries, falling pregnant and have the most amazing little Girl.

The past has been Jam-packed with excitement, but now it's time to get back into the swing of things.

I Am Back!

Andrea June