Saturday, November 30, 2013

Planning the perfect baby shower

Baby shower for a first time mum is a must!
Planning a baby shower may seem a little overwhelming especially if you are doing it on your own, but it doesn't have to.
Just relax and enjoy yourself.

Here is a little checklist that helped me create a wonderful day.

Decide who will be invited - Will it be just immediate family, or will it be couples, everyone or just women.

Pick a venue - Once you have decided who will be invited it will give you a rough idea on how many people will be coming, then you can pick a venue accordingly.
Restaurant, park, hired out hall or even at home.

Decide on a theme - whether it may be a spots theme, stripes theme or even a Cherry theme, pick one!

Pick a date - I had my baby shower when i was 34 weeks pregnant, but there is no right or wrong on when you decide to have it. Just don't make yourself uncomfortable!
Also picking a date is going to depend on your closest friends and families availabilities.

Invites - My rule was to send my invites out at least 3 - 4 weeks prior to the date so everyone had enough time to rsvp.

 Food - Make sure on your invites you leave a space for anyone to write if they have any type of allergic reactions to any type of food e.g gluten free.
Plan your menu i did my baby shower on a sunday after noon so it was like a late lunch, very simple just nibbles, fruits & lollies, also it makes it easy if you match the food to the theme.

Favours - before you go shopping decided on what your favours are going to be, this is one of the hardest parts. I did little jars labelled with guests names, filled with chocolate, homemade tea bags, a hand poured candle & and a handmade origami crane.

Shopping -  The fun part, although do go to the shops with a plan of what you are going to buy and stick to it!
I made all my baby shower decorations from the pom poms, to the lollies in mason jars tied in hessian and raffia. It made it more fun to organise. 

 Prepare games - don't stress these games can be whatever you want.
e.g - my water broke who can get the gummie bear out of the ice cube the quickest and yells "my water broke" wins.

Another good one is to get people to try different baby food and guess what thy are.
Don't forget about little prizes too - soaps or bath bombs.

organise how you want your cake to look

own image
Make a baby shower play list - very important

On the day make sure you take a camera with you!
TIP: if people ask you what you are in need of do not be afraid to ask for whatever it might be!

But most of all enjoy YOURSELF, before bub comes along. 

Andrea June 

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