Saturday, November 30, 2013

Bikini body ready

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It's not all about losing weight , exercise and healthy eating helps assist you in improving your fitness levels, strengthening your heart, and helps you increase your happiness too. 
Exercise is all about YOU & having fun!

Summer is about to hit.

Here are a few of my favourite exercises to help get into that bikini that has been hidden at the back of the drawer.

Front plank - Core

Keep your spine neutral
keep shoulders down and head up
contract you gluteals and legs 
make sure your toes are pointing directly into the ground 
Target areas - obliques, serratus and abdominal muscles

Front Squat with weights - legs and hips

Slow and controlled movement 
no heel lift or foot movement.
target areas - works through your glutes, deltoids to your spine

Santana Pushup - Core

tips: Make sure your neck remains long.
Make sure you shoulders, hips and feet remain in the same plane from the floor.
Target areas -  Santana pushup works alot of areas from you trapezius to your deltoids through your sarratus and down to your vastus in your legs

images from google images and pinterest 

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