Saturday, November 30, 2013

Getting Back On Track

Getting back on track

After having a baby, you want to get back into shape- well I know I do.

When I was pregnant I was a little bit naughty with what I ate.

Here are a few tips that are effectively helping me get back on track.

Not denying myself a little treat -  It's okay to have a treat, all you have to do is choose a healthier way to have a treat. Out with the chocolate ice cram, in with a sweet low fat yoghurt!

Controlling portions – If you are out and about and theres a delicious burger on the menu and it's served with chips – that's okay. Ask that the bun on the burger be wholemeal instead on white, you are already lessening your meals calories by a little over 100.
As for the chips you can either ask you be served a salad instead, or be aware of how many chips you are actually putting in your mouth!

Keep hydrated – drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated, also to flush toxins out of your vital organs. If you are hydrated you a less likely to be exhausted and run out of energy.

Always, Always eat breakfast most important meal of the day.
Breakfast gives you a good kickstart to begin your day and gives you energy. Not having breakfast slows down your body's metabolism. When you have your next meal your body will store the calories making it harder for them to be burnt off.

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