Sunday, March 27, 2011


What is in?
Who is doing it?
What is the definition of a trend?

I thought I would like to share something.
I have been seeing slot of beige and ivory coloured clothing on racks lately.
Which is mean't to be the it colour for the moment-call me unfashionable but I wear colours that flatter my shape.
Same goes for decor and furniture, what colours are in?,what pieces are in?
My answer -whatever you like!
If you like deep blues and purples on your wall go for it, if you like coral and emerald coloured cushions go for it.
Trends are like a circle, things seem like they in and out of fashion but they are actually always there. You only realise them when it becomes a 'trend' again.
Here at Romantiques we are all about personalising. It's about what you like. What breathes your personality and what compliments your home.
No two women at the same table are alike are they? They have individual style, this creates a interesting creative world.
Bespoke,individual and unique sums up a home styled by personality and character.
Last night over a glass of white wine, I found myself engaged in a conversation with woman by the the name of Lauren. Lauren became entangled and infused at what we do here at the studio. Lauren was telling me about her newly furnished apartment. "we have very French style furniture, and for our upholstery on our chairs in the lounge room they are done in blue and
cream shades", Lauren also told me how she likes to travel and never fails to acquire a new treasure for her apartment based on sydney's northern beaches. Lauren said she feels like the treasures add a different feel to her home, she likes the feel to be different. Lauren asked me what I would think if I walked through the front door of an apartment and saw a tribal mask bought from Africa paired with a Louis commode finished in a linseed grey with an antique rub, and cushions that she purchased from italy in pewter and soft green paired with the French blue and cream upholstery. My reply, you guessed it "i would love it" I said. A few reasons why I love this look- firstly because the home becomes a open photo album, a living memory. Also because you create a bespoke style of your own. Lastly why I love this look is because it is nationless. We can categorise parts of this room, but by looking at it as a whole you can't- everything goes. Neutral painted walls to sharpen the contrast of all the tones like
the French blues and creams with accents of pewter and soft green, a Louis style commode paired with a hanging piece of tribal art. But from where is all this?, you'll never know , in this setting everything just goes together,even though it's different. Opposed to putting the tribal mask next to a deep chocolate coloured tall boy and a free standing statue of a giraffe with a zebra mink rug beneath.
Where do you get all this inspiration for a nationless look? Your imagination! It could be with any thing your Favourite styles meshed into one or just having one style but not feeling like one. But whatever it may be don't forget your individuality is the best investment.

Andrea xx

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