Tuesday, March 29, 2011

An old world charm

Have i ever mentioned i love walking into the studio in the morning?

Well i do. i love pulling up the doors and smelling the scent of my new favourite love, my candle from circa candles- still lingering in the air. 

Deep breath- smells like creativity.

Just recently i have found it more exciting when i walk in. Like i said before there is no want of our excitement in our line of work, not even for me. As i walk in on the right one of the most recent completed pieces in our studio, sitting next to a parisian scene hand painted like as if it were a movie prop. 

The vintage, farmhouse style coffee table has this feel about it. For me it feels as if i have just opened a really old book, and the pages are worn around the edges.

Once a Queensland Maple coffee table that sat meekly in the middle of a mish mash room.
Although it was a beautiful coffee table then and i loved it, i just love it that bit more, it needed a change.

Quite a transformation, now here sits a delectable treasure, that i adore.

Once a coffee table with a traditional hand polished maple top with a hand painted base in Mocha. A striped inlay with productions in each corner, green crazed moulding which canvassed an opaque production on each side, bordered by worn gold leaf. 

Now a bespoke piece of art. Lending an old world charm. natural Maple top with worn inlay in off white, a hand drawn antique map. A worn base painted in off white finished in an antique rub and torn back to natural, showcasing the gold leaf on the moulding and is more functional. (spill hot water form the kettle, drop frozen ice cubes, place down you drink- it works for you, you don't work for it)

Also another feature to this that makes it extra special is the eye for detail, we papered the inside of the drawers with old maps of the world. 

A romantiques signature look, nothing is plain on the inside.

Beauty is form the inside out after all right?

p.s this piece is looking for a home, and so are  many others.
for any enquiries email us at info@romantiques.com.au 

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