Tuesday, March 15, 2011

A True Timeless Beaty

Antiques- True antique pieces that have history written all over them. pieces that have been passed from one generation to the next.

I love antiques and always have  (i thought i'd share that with you), especially this piece we just recently had in our studio.

A Walnut chest of drawers with artworks of timber inlays dating back more than 100 years. 
This piece required to be repaired as over time the piece had little parts that had been damaged.
The owner of the chest of drawers an influential woman herself, Connie Crisp one of Sydney's best architects in her time. 
Mrs Crisp requested specifically that Geoff from Romantiques do the job after being recommended by John  Austen one of the master cabinet makers. 

We found the job a delightful one, having Mrs Crisp telling us her fruitful stories.

I must say the way she spoke about antiques gave us so much joy here at the studio, Connie felt the same as we do- we feel that antiques give soul whether it be in your home or elsewhere.

Here at the studio we are forever talking about painted finishes and artwork. But a true beauty everyone forgets about that was here longer than you and me are those soulful pieces of antiques. I love the early victorian circa 1850 Walnut sideboard inside my home paired with the long white refectory dining table and dresser, the sideboard gives the room extra depth, warmth and a little bit of history.

I think it is truly sad that some people are getting rid of their antiques full of history and replacing them.

Here at Romantiques we encourage you to keep your antiques, make them an invest for yourself for years to come. It's also surprising what what antiques can be paired with both colour and style wise.

So next time you look at your antiques whether it's a walnut davenport circa 1830's or its a a chippendale design bombe commode circa 1753 appreciate the piece that appreciates. 

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