Monday, March 7, 2011

To conform or not to conform

I happened to be perusing the Sunday Telegraph recently, and I came across a segment in the lifestyle section on the cliche's of interior styling. While it addressed some good points, it also brought up the idea of 'trend' colours. The writer wasn't exactly sympathetic to those of us who like to keep up with colour trends.

It got me thinking. While I'm all for choosing colours according to personal taste, and going by one's own example, not conforming to other's ideas of what will look good...all that jazz...doesn't this idea put a lot of people out of business? Just think of all those wonderful magazines we love to pore over on a lazy afternoon, all the contributors, the research that goes into them, and not to mention the sense of inspiration we receive from viewing all the new products- whether they be items of furniture, lighting, or colours- on the market.

But when considering these ideas...another one occured to me. Why do we look to magazines and 'trends' in the first place? To refine our own sense of style, that's what. It all comes back to the element of inspiration, after all, and where we find it. It could be from a magazine, or it could be (when considering colours specifically) from a historical period, a treasured object, the name it. The beauty of inspiration is that it is completely personal. And if you're intent on gearing your inspiration towards a interior design project, a piece of art, or buying that perfect piece of furniture, then your goal will envariably turn out to be personal and unique, too.

Coming back to those colour trends...I've come to a conclusion. If trend is what you fancy, then by all means go for it. That's your, personal, inspiration. If you prefer to dance to the beat of your own drum, that's just as valid. When it comes to personal inspiration, anything goes.

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