Tuesday, February 22, 2011

The look

The look i love at the moment is a space that can handle dramatic furnishings, and bold, bright colours.
A space that can hold that massive rustic chandelier, or that crisp bed linen.
A space that every time you walk into it, it inspires you.
Industrial styled spaces are just what i'm talking about.

An industrial space for me breathes creativity, it's like a canvas- you can brush your own style into it.
At the moment i am working on a house on the northern beaches of sydney, the client has requested that she wanted something simplistic that would incorporate all styles in one- the ornate with the simple and the antique with the modern. 

Think foundation- a plain room with white wash oak floor boards and crisp Antique white walls.
Then add your layers that classic artwork you love or that fun contemporary coloured photograph above your bed head.
A handsome shaggy grey tasselled rug. beneath your bed.
Your lighting - ambience lighting a rustic chandelier that lets outs a feel of candle light. Or even photographers tripod lighting ( just cause i love them so much) 

Be bold with your furniture and linen add depth in your space, you can afford to add some vibrant colours as your base is a light tone. With your furniture something from our city chic range would suit perfectly, a gorgeous sophisticated style open bookcase painted orbit black on the outside and a deep lilac on the inside paired with a shocking pink throw for the end of the bed. 

It could also go the other way you could pair the style of your old rustic, antique chandelier to a long walnut sideboard. And to add a bit of edge and definition you could even throw in a shapely french 3 seater sofa fully gold leafed with a artwork on the upholstery. Both these options will also soften the industrial look just a touch.

But whatever you decide to do remember be brave with colour, colour plays real part in the transformation  It creates a unique focal point for your individual space.

Here is a picture that showcases this look in a unique way. 

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