Monday, March 7, 2011

Rich and Quirky Contrasts

Taking something that is looking like trash to 'city chic' smash.

By saying trash by no way am i calling this chair trash. 
I unfortunately don't have a before picture of this, it was outdated (for the look we were after), we felt like its true personality was yet to be found.

The inspiration for change came from a recent holiday. 
I stepped off the plane then took a shuttle to my hotel. Beautiful an understatement of what the hotel looked like inside. 
There were polished marble floors and landeliers ( chandeliers that are lamp like), massive mirrors with ornate gold frames. They had modern streamline chairs and and a long like coffee table in the waiting area for reception- that brings me to the next part.

All this beauty and i still felt like something was missing.
 i bet all of you out there do it too, i was rearranging the hotel in my head from furniture to colour schemes, artwork and fabric.

It hit me there was a bit of soul missing it was cold and spacious in there.  I felt like the clean lines had to be broken. The modern style seats had to be covered in warm tones to match the coloured abstract abacus like sculpture that covered the main wall as you walked in the entrance. 

As soon as i got home i put everything i thought the hotel was missing into this chair. 
Rich and quirky contrasts. The beautiful contrast of female like curves with it's arched cane back with the simple carving at the top of the french farmhouse style chair. Finished in a soft reflective pewter and Pièce de résistance is it's plush fuchsia velvet seat. Very decadent. Would have fit in perfectly- Rich contrasts of upholstery on the chairs even placing in some period pieces to add extra warmth. Mellowed out by soft tones of the walls to compliment the landeliers. 

And voilà.

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