Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Endless Possibilities

At one stage in this piece's life undoubtedly it was sitting in someones garage, gathering dust and no one had any use for it.

Actually we know the owner thought the piece was plain useless. Geoff was doing a delivery of a lovely Oak display cabinet finished it an Antique rub. Where the Display cabinet was to be placed was sitting the parker sideboard completely empty, they asked Geoff whether we could do anything with it here at our studio, Geoff laughed (thinking in his head that it was the perfect piece to showcase what your furniture  at home can turn into no matter what its original condition) so we brought it back to our studio-"the creativity vortex".

When the sideboard arrived it looked tired and worn, it was lacking excitement , and it had total loss of its own personality and character. It was a piece that any person would walk by without realising it was there.

It only took us here a matter of hours to figure out what the piece lent itself too, the moulding on the sideboard gave us a good feel, we looked at it like a frame of an artwork. We begun our work in stages and to help the the process along we created a back rail and recycled 2 pairs of old feet.
The rest like i always say, is about the piece connecting with us, letting us bring out its true personality. The feel we got from the piece was that is was a statement piece, it doesn't need anything else around it. Ironically it stood by itself most of it's life in the corner.

The idea stemmed from Geoff with his knowledge and expertise having a massive background in European style furniture and in connecting with the piece itself.
Second stop myself, to put Geoff's ideas together and produce the finished product.

After we collaborate as a team and love the way the finished product is going to look, it goes around in a circle again from Geoff through to Cal to put our services into play.

So from this
Came this

Your furniture really does have endless possibilities no matter its original condition. 

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