Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The ultimate recycling experience

We're ready to let you guys in on a little secret. The secret to finding fabulously unique or rare pieces of furniture that you wouldn't hope to find in regular retail outlets. It's called the auction. But be ready for the experience if you choose to go through with it, because buying furniture at auction is certainly not for the faint hearted. However, you'll find the benefits greatly outweigh the disadvantages when it comes to discovering, and then buying the piece of your hearts desire.

The thrill of bidding for that special piece is all in the fun, with its fast pace and split second decisions, and even if the piece you've got your eye on slips out of reach, you can be sure to find something even better the next time around...because there's always something different on offer.

Buying at auction really is what we call the ultimate recycling experience...you can simultaneously acquire the perfect piece- essentially a blank canvas for you to tweak to suit your own style...and then enjoy the fact that you now own something with history and personality, especially when considering the idea that auction houses have an endless variety of antiques and period pieces to choose from. In its labyrinth-like showrooms, it wouldn't be surprising to come across an art nouveau piece and not to mention the wide variety of Australian pieces on offer.

For example, on one of our adventures to the auction house, we came away with a circa late 1800s,Walnut linen press. Though in desperate need of some tlc, we knew it was the perfect blank canvas for our 'beachy chic' range. One painted finish later a little tweak, and its a standout piece.

Where's the best place to go, we hear you asking? Romantiques recommends Raffan Kelaher and Thomas in Leichhardt every time, for the best discoveries. All it takes to getting you on the path to the auctions, and thereby limitless advantages in the art of choosing fabulous pieces...is an open mind and a little imagination.

Period piece before and after. When we picked this Buffet up from auction, it was looking tired and old.
We soon after discovered its personality.

Victorian 6 drawer Walnut sideboard i don't have a before shot of this piece but let me paint you a picture.
When we discovered this piece, it was totally covered in grease as it was used as a large tool box for a mechanic.You couldn't even see what timber it was. We revived and polished this sideboard back to it's original state and voilĂ .

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