Thursday, January 27, 2011

Furniture is Fashion

It's an idea that we take a lot of stock in here at Romantiques, and it's something that we like to remind clients of when they're unsure which way to go with their pieces. The idea that furniture- just like style- is an extension of your wardrobe and lifestyle.
If someone asked you to define your personal style, the things that you present to the world through your wardrobe and accessories, you'd probably have an answer on the tip of your tongue. You might talk about the colours you particularly enjoy, whether you consider your style more unique or casual, or your favourite designer. But what would you say if you were asked about your home's style, or your favourite style of furniture?

Your home, and the pieces you choose- to buy, or to get redone, should be an extension of your personality and style sensibility, just like the clothes you wear. And the best way to approach making these choices is similar to the way you assemble your wardrobe- choose pieces that you love, that work well together and that fit your lifestyle. If your style points toward a love of strong and vibrant colour, chances are that you're a person who can handle a boldly painted piece, or let's say... a giant portrait of your favourite fashion icon across your bedroom wardrobe. Or conversely, if you're more of a soft tone lover, and you enjoy spaces that promote a sense of calm and relaxation, you'd probably enjoy a piece from our 'beachy chic' range. Imagine soft peppermints and lilacs.

And just like that gorgeous Tag Heuer watch or beloved pair of Louboutins you dote upon (and don't we all have a special item like this!), everyone should have that highly personalised or just plain adored piece of furniture in their home. Give your self expression, whatever it may be, the royal treatment and extend it to your decor. For you, it will truly never go out of fashion.

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