Monday, January 24, 2011

Think Big.Think Grand.Think Ornate

If there's something that gets us inspired, it's the Renaissance. Or rather, the ideas and style we can adopt from this historic period. Not only do we consider this time limitless in its style when it comes to recreating beautiful classical art from the likes of Raphael and Da Vinci, but also in our furniture. 

The term 'classical art' refers to the ancient Roman and Greek models, but is also represented in the revival of the Renaissance. For several centuries after the Renaissance, the classical past continued to be seen by many artists and designers as a source of subject matter and a standard of beauty and decadence...and it seems that today this idea is still kicking...especially if you're looking for a way to bring back the themes of this lavish time and incorporate them into your spaces.
The trick to pulling off this stye is to think big, and think ornate. Take your classical reproduction. Place the scene across your dining/living/bedroom room wall, frescoe style (we can do it for you) or alternately, put it in a gilt frame. This goes for mirrors too.
Pair your rustic chandeliers with a refectory table with a wrought iron base. Take your urns from outside and put them inside, plants and all. Think candleabras. Tall, carved candleabras, dripping candle wax. Think Louis or Carver chairs. Whatever takes your fancy.

P.S Faux Hide was used

wallpaper clippings from lost and taken

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