Tuesday, February 8, 2011

To that funky florist in paddington

Looking for an individual piece? Set your sights on this stunner. A beautiful second hand Maple parlour table, obtained from a deceased estate, meticulously hand painted with the image of a vibrant, dew-dropped red rose on its top, and thorny vine winding its way down a sleek black leg. Evoking images of evenings spent in the garden, this elegant table with natural patina is the perfect statement piece for any space.

By far one of the favourite pieces we've created here at the studio, our stunning rose table really is the perfect example of what we love to do - combine the visual splendour of art with furniture, a passion that's quite literally throw us head first into the realm of design possibilities.

Even though our table may seem tantalisingly contemporary, what with its obvious unique vibe - a vibe that sends itself towards the boutiques of city settings, or alternately, that funky florist in paddington, don't let this facade fool you. For what lies beneath the surface of it's vibrant colours truly is steeped in history.

Here at Romantiques, we delight in items of furniture with stories behind them, and we've always loved the idea that furniture is essentially immortal in the fact that it can outlive it's masters and remain a beloved piece through generations of owners.

The Rose table a perfect example of this. In it's original form, we obtained the maple table from a deceased estate in the Hunter Valley, the home of a family who had lived there for nigh on generations. While much of its history is indeed a mystery, like when exactly the family came to be in possession of the table, the fact remains the same .... when you look at this piece, there's much more to it than meets the eye.

We spent some time considering the possibilities for the pieces we've tested a smorgasbord of ideas, but in the end, we chose something simply, but instantly imputing. The reasons, to do what we love doing, but also to take this table on the next step of its journey. Who Knows where it may end up in the future.

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