Sunday, February 13, 2011

A gem full of possibilities

Something that's been kicking around in my head for a while now, another gem full of creative possibilities, you've obviously all heard of it's called wallpaper.

While I'll continually keep you guys updated on all my fantastic new finds when it comes to wallpaper designs and the people behind these designs in seperate posts, this post is all about what the idea of wallpaper can do for your spaces, and indeed the atmosphere surrounding these spaces.
Now, we all know that decor in our homes has an impact on our psyche...whether it be to create a calming environment or a creative one, and that the colour of our walls can make or break whatever your intentions may be, but have you considered the idea of replacing mere paint with something infinitley more dramatic...something with texture, pattern, feel? It's a change that you probably won't want to abandon once you've discovered the possibilities on the market.
Many people think of wallpaper as no more than white noise for the eyes--predictable, innocuous and forgettable. Yet wallpaper is a centuries-old medium that has gone through countless transformations. For, stunning French scenic papers from the 19th century can fetch up to six figures, and countless designers are challenging common assumptions about what wallpaper means in contemporary life. Wallpaper has literally turned into works of art.
But if you're afraid of this resurgence, this powerfully expressive and creative force that has the potential to turn your spaces on their heads, you're not alone. A whole new generation of homeowners haven’t yet experienced what can be done with wallpaper, they don't realise that wallpaper is an easy and completely reversible choice. And believe me, the benefits far outweigh the negative aspects, if there are any!
With wallpaper, you can afford to take risks with bold patterns, strong colours and interesting textures because it provides a warmth and feel that plain old paints can’t achieve. It’s a great way of introducing variety while still giving you the freedom to stick to your favourite colour palette, and if you didn't think that was enough of an incentive, it creates illusions of depth and space by introducing volume through pattern... an effective way to modulate moods, add personality or act as a punctuation mark. 

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