Saturday, May 5, 2012

Turning pages

I am a big book lover, photography , food, fashion and oh of course interiors. Just recently I ordered  a few books in store, they are gorge, that's a bit of an understatement but anyway... I love the feeling of waiting for something to arrive in the mail, I find it so exciting.
 I know we all  have a tablet, an i pad or some sort of other technology that allows us to read a book. 
To me there is nothing better that having the book, holding it, and flicking its pages by hand rather than on a screen . Books to me have value and hold memories, I will never discard the books I have, and read online.
 I guess you could use a similar  concept with furniture, old pieces that you have had for years and years,just because they are looking outdated.
 Don't throw them away and go get something brand new and ultra modern.
 That old piece has personality, it's charming, it's a treasure to you. 
A piece of furniture with us here at Romantiques has endless possibilities , those possibilities are priceless you can't purchase anywhere. 
You can't put a price on bringing your very own ideas to life with our help.
 You can change and piece from eeek! to chic,with our help and a little imagination, as many times as you want. Re invent your piece, re invent your comfort zone re invent your  ideas, keep the pieces personality and charm (which is something we are really passionate about)  and open opportunities . 

After and Before 

 Before and After

Andrea June

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