Monday, May 7, 2012

Sense and key scents

Walking into a home, entering through old french style wooden doors, stepping on wooden floors, lit up by strategically placed ceiling spots. The most opulent surroundings you have ever seen, the most elegant hanging chandelier you can imagine, the most grand set of marble stairs you've ever set your sights upon 
But oh my whats that smell...

Personally for me nothing is complete with out a scent of some sort.

Here are a few of my favourite natural scents 

Lavender - It's one of the safest scents when diluted, it's calming, relaxing and makes you want to place your head down on a pillow. 

French coffee - A divine, rich aroma that makes you want to socialise, it's an aroma that makes you crave. When i smell the scent of my French coffee candle i can  literally taste it... yummo!, it makes me feel as if i am in Paris if i close my eyes. A little dreaming doesn't harm anyone.

Vanilla- Vanilla is very common, it's a warm,simple, rich aroma. 

Exotic woods -  A woody scent combined with a line of sweetness through it. 
Ylang Ylang - A very delicate aroma, that hits all the right notes, and brings light to all the positive feelings. 

Gardenia- A very sweet scent, for me gardenia is one of those scents where it is very easily missed, i call it a transparent scent.

Petrichor - I know that this is not a scent that can be purchased but i had to put it down. One of my all time favourite scents is Petrichor- The earthy smell that is accompanied by the rain.

What are your favourite natural scents?

Andrea June

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