Monday, May 14, 2012

Nanny it down

How many people think that if they have books they need to be displayed behind glass cabinet doors, that bright colours should be minimalist; only put in key areas, that wallpaper shouldn't be used on all four walls in one room, that mirrors should be hung on the wall and last but not least things should be simply symmetrical?

Nanny it down.

Let your personality come out, after all like i have said before your living space is an extension of your wardrobe.

Do you match your plaid top with your plaid pants.... ? eeek 

Don't be afraid to
 Put your books out on display on a free standing bookcase in the middle of your living room, pile them on your coffee table (artistically of course), next to your linen upholstered couch bearing rust and chartreause coloured cushions.

Don't be afraid to have 3 walls of your dining room covered with artworks, in tones  likes musk or winter whites, or go the other end of the scale cerulean blue and kelp.
There is a way to balance this out, harlequin chairs around your dining table upholstered in the same tone that the artwork bears.

Don't be afraid to have a large mirror leaning against one of the walls in your bedroom, pitted glass and all. 
Don't be afraid to lean the old mirror up on the  modern wallpapered striped walls.

Don't be afraid to get large rugs that showcase bold patterns.

Don't be afraid to have a radical choice of lighting in your study, a 'spider' like chandelier that looks like task lamps are hanging off of it.
Even have a chandelier where it looks like you have stuck all your post it notes on it.

Mostly don't be afraid to be daring, different and totally individual.
It's a service that we offer, to have your favourite sayings or images hand painted on your walls or your furniture. 

Your entrance foyer hand painted with your favourite image of your family pooch.
Or on the other end of the scale, have the wall in the entrance foyer hand painted like a scene out of your favourite movie, a street out of Paris, New York or Sydney.
What ever strikes your fancy.
Dare to be different

Going to pick up a palette and some paint brushes.

Andrea June

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