Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Tone, Texture and Light

 A lot of our clients ask us what our advice is when re designing or decorating their house.

The best most simple piece of advice we can give is that you have to sort out and uncover what you want your home to represent, keeping in mind your desires and making the space functional for that purpose.

When looking at your space you need to dissect what you visually want  and balance it out against what will work for you; what's going to be easy to maintain.

When you take on, as i like to call it mission statement, disregard counting your dollars our for every little aspect of the project- the cost will be the cost.
But if you make the correct decisions you will save money.

3 key elements when de designing any space is tone, texture and light. What do these elements bring to a room?
Whether the room is larger or smaller, open or a more closed space each of these elements are going to help you achieve a mood, which in turn is going to help you create depth and warmth

In every room you want to create balance using each of this elements in a unique way.
Texture- linen upholstered chair with leather piping.
Tone- natural dining table paired with pewter coloured dining chairs that are upholstered in fuchsia.
Light-dim candlelight flickering through red coloured glass, beneath a large hanging chandelier. 

Have fun with your space that is the most important part.

Andrea June

images- 1. chandelier -space lighting 
2. chair- Romantiques
3. Marlowe Armchair- H. Studio
4. Cushions-Old to new upholstery

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