Sunday, April 29, 2012

Stamp it with personality

We all focus on our living rooms, dining rooms and every other room and how fabulous and crash hot they are looking. 
Although there is nothing wrong with making each and every room in your home crash hot, but what about the entrance to our home?.

The entrance is the most important, stamp your personality through the entrance way of your home. 
Add drama in your entrance way, If you have a lot of natural light make the entrance more grand, exaggerate its openness, a hanging chandelier will create ambience. If you are on the other end of the scale and have Minimum natural light, bring rich tones into the area, by using hanging shades,standard lamps or even strategically placed ceiling spotlights.

You may only need something simple to make your entrance grand- 
Use the wall space in your entrance wisely.
The use of a mirror to make the space grow, is always a good trick.
You can use the walls like gallery walls, bearing a large piece of artwork or even small intimate framed photos. 

Andrea June

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