Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A home that won't catch a chill in Autumn or Winter

I am going on some wonderful overseas adventures in the coming months - where?, soon shall be revealed. 

Until then we must keep focused on what we all want to do, and that is complete mission statement; no matter what that is. 
What's your mission statement?

Turning a space into something sophisticated and suave?, Turning tizzy on it's head in your Loft apartment or are you like me and want to turn a casual space into something timeless and atmospheric?.

Personally at this moment in time i love retaining the feeling of a cozy space that i won't get sick of in a month or two,(although to tell you the  truth nothing stays the same in my house for more than two months).

The space is not very large but i wanted to add depth, have the space carry boldness also be timeless and charming at the same time.

Isn't it warm and divine, a home that isn't going to be cold in autumn or winter.

Andrea June.

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  1. Look at this...absolutely beautiful. Coming home to this haven every evening would be a pure treat.