Monday, November 7, 2011

A little chic thought while laying on the sand

Sleek white Porsche with divine leather interior. 
Tight black Armani Jeans, loose flowing blouse paired with sky high peep toe christian louboutins. 
Larger than life rustic barn doors sliding open  revealing the most gorgeous parisian style country cottage. 
Royal blue upholstered 3 seater Louis finished in silver leaf as if it were out of Queen Elizabeths palace.

What about having your interior looking as chic as all of the exterior.
When you drive through your big rustic gates to park your car, and step out of luxury you want to be taken on another journey, you want to be taken away.
You want to enter through your front door into the main foyer, the sweet scent of the big bunch of flowers on the refectory dining table lingering through the air. 
The silver leafed carver chairs at each end of the table to be reflecting the beauty of the dim lighting that the open bulbs hanging from rope are letting off.

You want a grand design on a small scale.
Big dressers painted in an off white and finished in a gentle antique rub on the outside and a medium density grey on the inside, to house your glassware.
Standing next to your rectory table that has a natural top and off white painted base.
A larger than life piece of artwork leaning against the wall at the end of the dining table.
Large quantities of french coffee and exotic wood scented candles on your coffee table surrounded by large urns with tortured willow spraying out.
3 seater louis upholstered in a divine natural colour to frame the room, sitting on rustic floorboards. 

Make your bedroom and ensuite your refuge.
Unify the colours of the interior of the bedroom and and the textures of the linen to create a comfortable, peaceful haven.
In your ensuite dim lighting for claw baths and high spots above the mirror.
To top it all off all you need is a glass of wine and a touch of jazz.

Andrea xx

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