Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Bespoke Wellington Chest

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This hand painted unique noir and gold leaf Mahogany Wellington Chest, with 6 drawers and 2 doors will fit perfectly into any space.
This second hand wellington chest was 1 out of 5 ever to be customised, beneath the first drawer where the pigeon coup is, once was a drawer, but has now been tailored to offer a more functional space.
A piece that is like a picture in life size, a unforgettable piece that is a memory on it's own, a piece that works for you, you don't have to work for it.
Scrawled across the chest that stands 113cm high, steps 50cm deep and spans 66cm is a beautiful hand piece of writing written by ones self that reads-

"Ever now and then i find myself living in wistful moments. 
The type of moments that have nothing to do with what is considered rational..... but something slightly better.
Moments that make me feel like i'm seeing through a different set of eyes...
....thee perfectly symmetrical crack in my ceramic mug
.....sunday evenings 
.....the smell of your hair
When this happens, when i see outside my usual pattern of thought, sometimes there's nothing i can do but wonder at the ridiculousness of it all, wonder what i can possibly do to preserve whatever semblance of priceless insight.
i've gained... so much that i feel as if i could just blow away like a dry leaf in the wind.
These moments,to me, are like the air. Or blood. The beating of my heart. they're essential. they keep me from holding my breath..... for no reason at all.
Though sometimes, things are better left ambiguous. It keeps things interesting.
Now that i've told you all this, none of it really makes any sense. But then again.... 
It doesn't really have to".

Need i say anymore this piece speaks for itself. 

Inspection is welcome by appointment
Pick up needs to be arranged within seven days of auction finishing, from Sydney's northern beaches.
If you have any questions please email me 
or call me 

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