Monday, July 11, 2011

The Romantiques collections

The A.J Collection is for anyone who is looking for something bold and quirky, a collection that showcases flamboyance and flair to a tee. A collection that lets you be the creator, the artisan.

Melissa- A crisp collection. think of fresh linen and lavender a collection that is simple but opulent.

The Fourie Collection- A collection of timeless colours inspired to reflect a luxurious authentic european feel.

City Chic a charming monochromatic collection that showcases sexy sophistication with a hint of cheekiness as it gives you a subtle pop of colour.

The classique collection is a collection of antiques that have been revamped to transport you to another place and time.
A revamped classic piece of furniture is a perfect statement in any house to give warmth and depth.

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