Sunday, February 6, 2011

Four things that are Flawless

I'm always letting all you readers know what we do here at Romantiques - Furniture Art Studio.
But i thought it was time i do a few posts on things that inspire us here at romantiques, the things that get our brains ticking. The things that inspire us may relate or may not relate to what we do, but in some way or another it all comes together.

 Four things that have i am loving lately:

To start off the Moon Chair, has to be the at the top of my list.
For me this chair sums up ultra modern with it's curvy construction, acrylic legs and decorative button tufting.
I love the fact with this chair you have the choice to add a little touch of your own personal flair.

You have several fabrics to choose from acrylic, wood or steel legs, and for the button tufting you can choose to either have brass studs or Swarovski crystal accents or maybe you might even desire to have both.

I'm a big fan of the photographers floor lamps and i know many other bloggers are too.
What makes me love the photographer tripod floor lamp is that  it's inspired by the 20th century, when these lamps were used to soften and highlight actors expressions. 
Using these tripod floor lamps in a room creates ambience, drama and adds a focal point to the room.
I saw this picture and i had to put it up, it sums up my colour palette.
I love these vibrant pastel colours on everything from lampshades, wallpaper and upholstery to furniture.

Last but not least Natural timber table tops- with a painted base-
This is one of our very own pieces at the studio. I love the twist a round oak table with a base that is painted in a two tone technique. Black with cheeky pink coming through. - oh how i love my job


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