Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Mixing Modern and Classic

It's surprising, given the times, that some people are still afraid of taking risks with design, in particular furniture and its placement within our homes.
Not to mention putting together rooms and pieces with an edge in mind.
Even in the studio, we see the glint of excitement in some people's eyes when they take in our pieces and decor, but also a note of trepidation in their voices .

Well, we say, take a risk.
You obviously love that pink Louis lounge, and not so surprisingly, it can go in your home too.
What we're talking about here has everything to do with the mixture of classic and modern in our homes but not overdoing it. And this isn't solely limited to furniture. It involves pieces of art as well.

Going back to that pink 3 seater Louis lounge. A beautifully classic piece of furniture, straight out of the 18th century.... but upholstered in pink.
A travesty... the pessimist might say. Awesome, we say. Pair the 3 seater Louis with a traditional artwork from the Renaissance, or even a portrait of a gallant gentleman from Tudor England.
Now who's the envy of all their friends?

It can work in reverse too. Fan of contemporary art? love all those geometric lines, or alternately, splashes of bright colour? pair your artwork with a classic ladies writing desk, or rich Walnut Spanish style dining table .

Modern and classic, you can never go wrong. And we can do it for you. Whatever piece you may have, whatever your fancy, our service is here to cater for it.

What the hell.... Live a little.
Artwork and furniture done by Romantiques
Upholstery done by old to new upholstery - John Camilleri