Thursday, January 13, 2011

A little touch of Venice

Inspired by History- Venetian art on furniture

Whether it be because of our love of combining the features of the past and contemporary settings, or just because of our obsession with the decadence and styles of our background (Europe) here at Romantiques are going mad for traditional Venetian furniture.

Our penchant for decorating the 

pieces in our Studio with vibrant and unique pieces of art has led us on a search through the history of the practice, which is by no means new (though our designs would beg to differ!). And naturally, we came across the very old, and the very respected style of furniture known as Venetian.

And it's not just because of its astounding originality and beauty, these brightly painted pieces, in ornate shapes and decorated with floral motifs, Renaissance scroll designs and plaques with groups of classic gods or lordly ladies and their gallants, can fit with remarkable ease into any modern setting. Use them to spark up your living room or bedroom, parade them in your front hall, or even air their graces in the office. And believe us, based on the feedback and response we've had to the pieces we've created in the style, you'll never want to go back to undecorated furniture again.

The age out of which these ornate pieces emerged was one of frivolity and careless living. Clothed in gay silks, the men and women of Venice idled through the day and night with balls and masques, garden parties, festivals, theatres, pageants and private theatricals in magnificent palaces. The great Venetian society was in its decadence, and even science and art became polite accomplishments rather than serious efforts.

Venetian furniture reflects all this blithe life which, in spite of its shallowness, possessed amazing artistry. The name Venetian that has been bestowed on the furnishings stamped with the frivolous touch of the eighteenth century in Venice, can now be used in 21st century life for those with a little spirit.

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